Financial Planning


Flat Annual Retainer Fee of $5,000 per client


Financial Planning & Investment Management

J I Medina Investments provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management for an annual flat fee. We do not charge an asset under management (AUM) fee which most firms typically charge based on AUM. At J I Medina Investments, we believe that we shouldn’t charge a fee for the value of your assets under management because after all, it is your money that you worked hard for and our job is to manage it based on your goals. Over time, if we charged the norm, which is around 1%, it would add up to a significant amount and we feel that our clients pay us for our professional services to meet their goals regardless of how much we grow their account’s value. Our annual fee is based on our costs incurred and reasonable compensation for our professional services.

What is included in the Annual Fee?

Financial Planning Includes:

  • Cash Management

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • College Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Insurance Planning

Investment Management Includes:

  • Investment Planning

  • Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Asset Allocation

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Quarterly Performance Review