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Jose Medina, MBA

Jose Medina started learning about the financial industry back when he was 18. He fell in love with investing and how it could determine what type of future you could have. He knew early on that even if you didn't grow up in a wealthy family, that you could still build your wealth over time. 

When he was 18, he saved up $2,000 so that he could invest and start building wealth. He went to a large bank that had investment services, but when the financial advisor found out he only had $2,000, he laughed and told him to come back when he had at least $100,000. Jose was devastated and felt so embarrassed that he couldn’t go to another bank and try to invest. That’s when he decided that one day he would build a financial firm that would not look at how much money you had and focus on helping people that wanted the help. Fast forward many years, and in 2015, Jose created the firm with the vision of building a financial firm that helps you increase your financial awareness and build wealth.

On a personal level, Jose loves helping people find their true potential through motivation. He looks for speaking engagements that allow him to speak to at-risk kids so that they understand that their current situation does not have to be a permanent one. Jose is a huge muscle car fan and is his favorite car is a Ford Mustang.

Jose Medina holds an MBA from the University of Houston System with a concentration in Finance. He also holds his series 7 and 66 licenses, along with his property and casualty, life, health and accident insurance licenses. He is also currently studying to finish his requirements to become a CPA in the state of Texas. 
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