Financial Planning


Annual Retainer Fee of $5,000


Financial Planning

This is an in-depth review of your financial situation with personalized advice based on your situation. We complete an analysis on the service areas that you request. We provide a detailed report that typically includes a cash flow/net worth projection, specific financial planning recommendations and personalized investment advice. We are a FEE-Only firm and act as a Fiduciary. Levels seen below are based on complexity. We offer a free consultation to understand your situation in order to determine what level you fall into.

Running Start 

This option is for those that do not need a full financial plan, but want to have a in-depth discussion about 3 pressing topics tailored to your situation. If during the discussions, you decide that you do need a full financial plan, then we will deduct the cost from the Financial Planning fee. Below is what is included.


  • Guided plan through planning software lab.

  • Goal-based financial plan

  • Action Checklist with recommendations

  • In-depth discussion of your most pressing topics

    • Any financial topic that you choose. Here are some common ones:

    • How do I create a budget and stick to it?

    • How do I create financial goals and successfully hit them?

    • How do I start and invest in a retirement plan?

    • How much do I need to save for retirement?

    • Do I need life insurance and if so, how much?

    • How do I payoff my debt faster?

    • How can I improve my credit?

Fee ranges from $749 to $1199 based on complexity

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This option is for those that need a comprehensive financial plan that covers all major planning areas with in-depth review of each area. Please see below to learn what is included in the initial fees. We recommend scheduling the FREE consultation to see if we are the right fit for you.


  • Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • 90 minute initial client meeting

  • 90 minute client plan meeting to go through the planning recommendations.

  • 60 minute follow-up meeting every six months to check your progress.

  • A 10 to 15 page Financial Plan with easy to understand recommendations and an action checklist.

  • Access to Client Portal to view plan progress

  • Budget Planning 

  • Debt Payoff Planning

  • Unlimited email communication to answer any questions.

  • Wealth Management Account ( management fee is 1% yearly based on Assets Under Management)

Set-up fee of $2,500 up-front with a monthly retainer fee of $249 - $349. Fees are based on complexity.